REquirements to achieve your cphr®

The requirements for achieving your CPHR® are consistent, but the specific processes and timing across the globe. These reflect the needs of each association’s member community.


The CPHR® education, examination and experience requirements are designed to provide candidates opportunities to develop and demonstrate the required CPHR® competencies.


The requirements to become a Chartered Professional in Human Resources are:


  1. Membership: Meet the requirements for membership in your CPHR® member association.
  2. Knowledge: Demonstrate theoretical knowledge of the CPHR® functional competencies.
  3. Education: Demonstrate knowledge of the enabling competencies and the ability to apply functional knowledge, usually through the completion of a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
  4. Professional Level Work Experience: Demonstrate professional-level work experience practicing human resources, where the depth of work performed required independence of action, responsibility for outcomes, and influence with decision-makers.
  5. Professional Conduct: Commit to adhering to the Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct


The CPHR® Designation is overseen by an accredited member institution. For specific requirements to achieve the CPHR® in your area, contact an accredited member institution.