Certified Global Practitioner in Human Resoures

CGPHR creates and maintains a framework for the training and development of potential CPHRs enabling them to become strategic HR advisors. CGPHRs are expert professionals developing strategies, fostering influence in the community, analyzing performance metrics, and aligning local HR strategies to international standards. CGPHR is conferred by CPHR/CAHR United Kingdom to the top 1% through recommendations of respective National Associations.
AdministrationCPHR/CAHR UK
InvigilationNot Applicable
RequirementsTop 1% of active CSPHRs as recommended by CPHR National Association
OLPNot Applicable
GEANot Applicable
ApplicationNot Applicable
ScheduleAnnual Conferment every August
AssessmentNot Applicable
LicenseInclusion: License Card, Certificate of Professional Membership with Association Seal, CGPHR Plaque
Validity: 10 Years Renewable
CPD: 1000 hours on a 10-year rolling period obtained through OLC or CPD facilitation