Certified Practitioner in Human Resources

CPHR is a globally-recognized level of achievement within the field of human resources. It reflects a conviction that the professional practice of human resources management can safeguard the interests of employers, employees and the business community. The designation represents continuing recognition of the bearer’s professionalism distinguishing them as a globally-competitive people managers uniquely qualified to help achieve business goals.
AdministrationCPHR National Association
InvigilationCPHR Accredited Training Provider
Requirements0-10 years of professional career experience preferably in the field of HR, Humanities, Psychology, or Business
OLPYes; Must complete the 16-hour Online Learning & Certification (OLC) Program facilitated by a CGPHR
GEANot Applicable
ApplicationCPHR OLC Application Form, updated curriculum vitae, valid national identification
ScheduleBi-monthly not in conjunction with GEA Assembly
AssessmentAssessment and Licensing Fees: £ 449.00 – Two Attempts
Retake Fees: £ 99.00 (after two attempts) after 90 days
Assessment Type: Situational-based assessment, AI-scored interview, and Essay; Untimed
Passing Eligibility: 60/100
LicenseInclusion: License Card, Certificate of Professional Membership with Association Seal
Validity: 5 Years Renewable
CPD: 60 hours on a 5-year rolling period. Must be completed through CPHR Accredited CPD Provider