CPHR Designations

Modern-Day Practitioners

CPHRs are proven to have unique expertise and the experience to meet the challenges of today’s workforce. The standards we have set and the quality we deliver is second to none in the world. We have established consistent requirements for certification and continuing professional development and a global Practitioner Code of Ethics and Conduct. We are moving together toward self-regulation with National Associations that align with our requirements.

The role of HR is constantly evolving and has been seen as one of the most – if not the most – important functions of business continuity today. Just in time for the need of HR practitioners globally to step up as critical decision-makers, through the approval of the Directory Board, we’re highlighting distinct designations aiming to provide targeted programs to new, recently-practicing, and senior HR practitioners.

Certified Affiliate in Human Resources

CAHR is a multiple choice-based HR-centered assessment of the basic knowledge in the field of HR intended for college students in the HR, business, and people management disciplines facilitated by National Associations through regional bureaus’ endorsements. The examination is designed to assess the fundamental knowledge that a Human Resource practitioner must possess.

Certified Practitioner in Human Resources

CPHR is an advanced designation provided to HR practitioners proving sound HR knowledge, demonstrated commitment, and ethical behaviour and following the completion of the requirements for certification set by the Board of Directors and upon recommendation by respective National Associations. Maintaining the designation through continually gaining and updating expertise and leading-edge knowledge to help manage complex and dynamic HR issues becoming a strategic advisor.

Certified Senior Practitioner in Human Resources

CSPHR is a proficient-level designation with required and proven skills highlighting years of consistent and solid professional development and dedication in the HR field. Thorough intervention, assessment, validation, and recommendation from respective National Associations are needed prior to conferring or elevating to become a CSPHR.

Certified Global Practitioner in Human Resources

CGPHR creates and maintains a framework for the training and development of potential CPHRs enabling them to become strategic HR advisors. CGPHRs are expert professionals developing strategies, fostering influence in the community, analyzing performance metrics, and aligning local HR strategies to international standards. CGPHR is conferred by CPHR/CAHR UK to the top 1% through recommendations of respective National Associations.